In Defense of Potatoes

How did potatoes get such a bad rep? How is it that so many people don’t consider potatoes to be a ‘real’ vegetable? Is it because once upon a time, someone spread a rumor that they aren’t healthy? Really? I’m not okay with that. Check your facts. Potatoes are a pretty healthy vegetable. Don’t believe

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Spring Has Sprung – The best spring produce.

Spring has sprung; and, I could not be more happy about spring produce! No more winter coats. And no more freezing my toes on the cold tile in the morning. No more dark dreary days. I’m so ready for flip-flops, blooming flowers (or flowering blooms), and sunshine. It’s glorious. Today, I’m busting out an oldie-but-goodie

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Let’s Talk Peanut Butter

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time I’ve ever shared my love of all things peanut butter with you. When I was a kid – I was a crunchy PB kinda gal. Seriously, you have no idea how much ire I held for people who tried to offer me the creamy stuff. If looks

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