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I’m Rochel, the girl who is Barefoot and Cooking. The two most important things you should know about me: I’m newly married and I LOVE cooking. I delight in experimenting with new recipes, new cuisines, and new ingredients and of course, Kosher cooking! I read cookbooks in bed and rarely make the same thing twice. When the urge strikes, I also bake. I strive to cook healthful nutritious food. Sometimes, I end up making peanut butter cups. It’s a balance.

My husband and I keep a strict kosher home; meaning that, all the recipes you will find on this blog are for kosher cooking! I post the requisite recipes for Jewish staples (like challah, potato kugel, and cholent), but the vast majority of my recipes are from cuisines around the world. They inspired by fresh produce in the grocery store, or drummed up from the depths of my pantry. My goal is to make my recipes accessible to everyone  who likes to cook and loves to eat.

I’m from Florida, lived for a bit in Jerusalem, moved to D.C., and am now happily settled in Bethesda, MD. My husband originally hails from South Carolina. I’m still learning the ropes of southern cooking. My husband encouraged me to start writing for this blog about kosher cooking. I am thankful every day for his unending patience, his unconditional love, and his knack for making me laugh. Also, he’ll taste just about anything I put on his plate.

Why Barefoot and Cooking? Simple, to bust a stereotype… or two. I cook because I love it. I feed my husband because I love him. It’s that simple. I own dozens of pairs of shoes. It’s just more comfortable to cook barefoot.

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