A while back I wrote an embarrassing love letter to The Pioneer Woman detailing my obsession with her and her Beef with Snow Peas. As much as I loved it, I really wanted to thicken the sauce, add mushrooms, and adjust the flavors to suit my taste buds. Thus the Asian-fusion version of this dish was born. I’m no fool, red onions and moscato and not exactly chinese in origin. But, the flavors work beautifully here. For the vegetables, I hit up the local Korean Supermarket for ultra-low prices and ultra-fresh produce. Any Asian store should carry a wide range of mushrooms. I use Shitaki and Enoki mushrooms; but, if you can’t get them, even regular old button mushrooms will do in a pinch.

Popping with freshness, the flavors of this Asian-fusion dish will dance on your tongue – sweet and salty, savory, and delicate, rich and light.