Beef with Mushrooms and Snow Peas

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  • 4-6Servings
  • 15 mPrep Time
  • 25 mCook Time
  • 40 mReady In
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A while back I wrote an embarrassing love letter to The Pioneer Woman detailing my obsession with her and her Beef with Snow Peas. As much as I loved it, I really wanted to thicken the sauce, add mushrooms, and adjust the flavors to suit my taste buds. Thus the Asian-fusion version of this dish was born. I’m no fool, red onions and moscato and not exactly chinese in origin. But, the flavors work beautifully here. For the vegetables, I hit up the local Korean Supermarket for ultra-low prices and ultra-fresh produce. Any Asian store should carry a wide range of mushrooms. I use Shitaki and Enoki mushrooms; but, if you can’t get them, even regular old button mushrooms will do in a pinch. Popping with freshness, the flavors of this Asian-fusion dish will dance on your tongue – sweet and salty, savory, and delicate, rich and light.


Step by step method

  • In a large bowl, combine soy sauce, moscato, brown sugar, and cornstarch, whisk well to prevent cornstarch from clumping. Add beef to marinade and toss until well coated. Allow to sit for at least 10 minutes.

  • Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a heavy bottomed skillet or wok over medium heat. Add red onion and cook 5-6 minutes or until translucent. Remove to a clean plate.

  • Heat another tbsp of olive oil in the pan over high heat. Add the snow peas and cook for 45-60 seconds. Remove to the plate with the onions.

  • If necessary add up to 1 tbsp olive oil to pan, add shitaki mushrooms to the pan and cook for 2 minutes. Add the enoki mushrooms and cook an additional two minutes, stirring regularly. Remove the mushrooms to the plate with the onions and snow peas.

  • If the bottom of the pan does not have a thin coat of oil, add another tbsp. Then using tongs, add the beef to your skillet or wok. Depending on the size of your pan, you may want to do this in batches. Do not overcrowd. Do not stir. Cook meat for 90 seconds and then turn it over and cook an additional 45 seconds on other side. Repeat with extra batches if necessary.

  • When all the beef is cooked, return beef, onions, mushrooms, and snow peas to the skillet. Pour the remaining marinade over the mixture and stir well for 1 minute. Remove from heat and add toasted sesame seeds and optional red pepper flakes.

  • Serve immediately to keep the snow peas crisp.

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