Nothing could be more boring than boiled rice and boiled chicken now could it? Well that all depends upon how you cook it. One Thai friend of mine is over in a flash everytime I invite her for lunch with this recipe…

In fact this was my favourite recipe for over six months mainly due to the ease of making it, and the small chance of burning the food as I was working intensely on my recipes for this website at the time and paying little attention to the food.

At the time the bird flu media scare was fully underway and chicken was 1/2 the price of other meats, so it featured more heavily in my diet than usual.

Chicken thighs are rather high in fat, but boiling them most of the fat comes out and by not eating the skin you end up with a lot lower fat content than you started out with. Still compared to junk/fast foods these are healthier than you could imagine.