Leading off our series of Italian cuisine dishes that are a good fit for Type 2 Diabetics is Chicken Piccata.

Chicken Piccata is an example of the best type of home-cooked healthy food – fresh, appealing, and full of flavor! The savory pan sauce made of butter, lemon, parsley, and capers is extremely tasty. It doesn’t smother the chicken in a thick sludge of breading, but rather complements it instead. You will be mopping up every last drop of the lemony pan sauce because it is that good!

Technique and Why

In this recipe, the chicken breasts are pounded thin – you can use the smooth side of a meat mallet or a rolling pin to pound the raw meat flat, with a piece of plastic wrap under the meat and another piece on top of the meat. Then the chicken is lightly breaded and baked. When you make the chicken pieces thinner by pounding them flat, they cook quickly and evenly, and make a nice broad base for the incredible pan sauce.

What are Capers?

What are capers anyway? They are the flower bud of a plant grown in the Mediterranean, and are cured much the same way that olives are. Typically, they are found in your grocery store in the olive or pickle section. They are not expensive – a 6-8 oz. jar will cost about $2 in my area. Capers add a briny flavor, not as tart as a pickle, and with a more delicate flavor than olives.