Another Thai recipe adapted by Conan for bodybuilders. This is a very simple, very fast meal that I eat often. It has the full requirements of a bodybuilding meal yet takes only minutes to cook this tasty treat…

Grab some pork flavored packet noodles from your local Asian store, or supermarket. If you don’t eat pork you can easily replace the whole idea with ground chicken meat and chicken flavored Asian noodles.

To add bulk and make it a real meal I usually add a few cut vegetables to it.

As a Chinese friend once said to me, “Noodles are good, give you energy but not make you fat. Westerners eat too heavy, like hamburgers, they give energy but make them fat.”

Seing as there are no obese Thai women who eat a traditional diet (not even any fat ones) then I do think his words of dietary wisdom have merit. In fact I believe 99% of Westerners eat way too many calories.

Basically it is just a 2 minute noodle pack with meat, egg and vegetable boiled in, you can’t get a full meal much easier than that.