There were some television commercials once that showed clumsy people bumping into each other and the result was chocolate in one person’s peanut butter and peanut butter in the other person’s chocolate. Their dilemma, of course, turned out to be a delicious treat. Let’s add our own twist. These two collide with a third person carrying a bowl of cookie dough. A silly concept, but that would produce an amazing result. Rather than carrying out this far-fetched scenario, you can recreate the results with this peanut butter chocolate chip cookies recipe.

This recipe is no more difficult than making regular chocolate chip cookies. In other words, these are simple cookies to make. There are a couple of pointers included that will ensure that your cookies come out soft and chewy, not like peanut butter and chocolate chip hockey pucks.

I think even Ruth Graves Wakefield who invented the chocolate chip cookie in 1937 would approve of this peanut butter chocolate chip cookies recipe.