Persian Celery Stew is a fairly quick stew of beef stew meat or mixed chicken breast and thighs, along with turmeric, onion, and LOTS of celery. It is brothy and delicious. It is one of the easier of the Persian dishes, and uses familiar ingredients and a straightforward braising method.

Persian Celery Stew is my family’s go-to dish when we have all been sick. Especially when I make it with chicken, the broth really makes us all feel better! Maybe it’s in our heads, or maybe there is something to the combination of chicken, celery and onion, turmeric, and lemon juice that revs up our immune response.

Like many Persian stews, this goes well over rice, with plain yogurt or Mast-o-khiar on the side, or just in a bowl, where the stew itself is the star in all of its slurpy goodness. Because the amount of carbohydrates in this dish is negligible, or is easily measured in the accompanying rice, it is a great dish for Type 2 diabetics.

So many fantastic cuisines from around the world are suitable for diabetic eating, with just a few modifications. I am looking forward to sharing more international dishes with you, and inspiring you to explore other cuisines too. There is something useful to be found in every corner of the world for “The Diabetic Kitchen and Cook.”