Another Australian classic nicked from the French, Ratatouille, why an Aussie classic? Well as a young kid my Dad would make this just about everytime he cooked for us, and as kids we liked it – and best yet you could just as easily cook it in the BBQ as at home, so we got to eat it everywhere…

Speaking with my Dad later it seemed he had a limited cooking range, so the reason we got this all the time is that he couldn’t cook much else.

Either way I still like it as an adult. If you don’t know what Ratatouille is it is quite simply tomato, onion, and zucchini (and maybe garlic) cooked together until it becomes like a vegetable sauce.

So I am going to make it with Steak and Egg with vegetables. Traditionally a steak was always served with an egg on top in Australia, I am not sure why but looking at the science (which would not have been available at the time) the egg helps the beef steak amino acid profile, making it an even better source of protein.

Amazing how traditional methods can be so far ahead of their time.