Having a couple of leftover pan-fried steaks on hand was the inspiration for this post’s recipe – Steak Pizzaiola! We had friends over the night before and had two nice thin-cut ribeyes, already browned and cooked to medium. Leftover cold steaks are A-Ok with my husband. He will get out the horseradish sauce and dig in with his fork and a steak knife, sometimes not even bothering to sit down, just standing at the kitchen counter, a man enjoying eating a piece of meat.

But I wanted to eat supper too, and making sure we get our daily allowance of vegetables is one of my self-appointed duties. I got to thinking about a couple of peppers and a can of good tomatoes I had on hand. I also wanted a quick sauce that could incorporate the beef. And I wanted the dish to stand on its own without pasta on the side.

Steak Pizzaiola immediately sprang to mind. The name literally means “steak with pizza maker sauce,” so it is a simple, quickly made pan sauce with, you guessed it – tomatoes as the main ingredient.

It’s Marie’s signature dish on Everybody Loves Raymond.

If it’s good enough for Marie Barone – who sets a high standard as you know if you’ve seen the show – it is good enough for me. There are many recipes for Steak Pizzaiola, and lots of room for customizing the recipe to your taste. Some people make it in the oven, mine is stovetop. Some people use chuck roast, I use the thin ribeyes for portion control. I like it with peppers and mushrooms to give the tomato sauce some heft, and others like to top each serving with cheese. The important thing is to start somewhere, and then you can tweak a recipe if you want to.

Steak Pizzaiola sauce is versatile – use it for other meats too!

You can also use other meats, like hamburger steaks, cubed steak, and chicken thighs and legs. Just brown the meat quickly, following the same process, and simmer in the sauce for 30 minutes instead of an hour. The results will be different, but just as delicious!