“How about broccoli for breakfast?” My husband was standing in front of the refrigerator this morning, doing his breakfast scout-out of available foods. I was a little surprised that this suggestion came from HIM, my meat-loving man . . .  but we sauteed the leftover steamed broccoli with a little butter, salt, and pepper, stirred in two whisked eggs to add some protein, and topped it with a dash of tabasco. Yum!

After all the rich foods of the holidays, nothing tastes better to me than some simply prepared vegetables. We always try to eat plenty of vegetables, but the versions offered during the holidays are often drenched in cheese and white sauce. Not to mention that having All. The. Food. pushes the vegetables to the outer rim of the plate instead of comprising 50% of our plate like we usually aim for.

A quick and easy method for cooking zucchini and many other fresh vegetables, that lets the flavor of the vegetable be the main focus!