I did not like tomatoes as a child. I wouldn’t eat tomato sauce. I picked tomatoes out of salads and off pizzas. Forget about tomato soup. Until one day when a neighbor gifted us with tomatoes she brought back from a trip to Jersey. I became a tomato-loving convert on the spot.

Then I moved up here and found farmer’s markets and grocery stores brimming with tomatoes in every shape, size, and color. I’ve made it my mission to try them all.

I didn’t even know that tomatoes grew in Florida until I just googled it. That’s how great Florida tomatoes are.

Once tomato season starts, you won’t see a canned or jarred tomato product anywhere near my kitchen. I make my own tomato sauces and broths. My own salsas and relishes. I even make my own ketchup.

Say what?

Ketchup. It’s super easy to make and tastes so much fresher than the bottled stuff. You can even customize the flavor profile.

Using only four ingredients – including the ripest tomatoes available – you’ll be able to make your own ketchup that goes perfectly with the tastes of summer.