Turkey Curry is the dish that got me interested in the wonderful world of curries. The flavor, ease, and the fact that it is adjustable for Type 2 diabetics, made this dish a win for me! I adapted this from a curry recipe I found in Bon Appetit magazine, that had about 500 ingredients. I figured out items that I could substitute to reduce the overall number of ingredients (like salsa instead of tomatoes, green onions, jalapenos, and lime juice).

And the results were legendary! From the first time I served it, the whole family loved it, especially my husband. It is still one of his “most requested meals” if I ask him what he feels like having for supper.

Tips for Making Turkey Curry

The best way to fix this dish is to prep first – do all the chopping – before you begin. Then it actually goes together very quickly. Friends of ours who love this dish will swap out some plain yogurt for the light cream, and prefer it that way for the extra tanginess.

Turkey Curry is a dish that freezes well, and as it makes about 20 1-cup servings, that means “cook once, eat twice” to me. I put some in individual freezer containers and have them on hand for a satisfying supper, with only the effort to heat it up the second time around. To me, this is a huge plus!

The original recipe for this curry called for 2-3 TBS. of sugar to be added at the end, according to one’s taste. The combination of spicy and sweetness is what makes curry so irresistable! Of course that is not the best practice for Type 2 diabetics . . . So what I do is add a little Splenda (or other artificial sweetener) to the serving dish of curry, after it is removed from the heat. This gives me the sweet flavor I like in my curries, without having to sweeten the whole pot.

Nutrition Data: Per 1-cup serving. Calories 175, Protein 13.2g, Carbohydrates 11g, Fat 8.2g. Remember that when you serve the curry over a portion of rice (1/2 cup), that you will also need to add in the calories and carbohydrates from that to get a correct total for the meal. Often, we will split a 1-cup portion of ready-made brown rice between us to go with the turkey curry, which adds 95 calories and 20 carbohydrates to the meal.