Let’s talk about sweet corn. I love it. Yellow corn. White corn. Bi-color corn. I don’t discriminate.

And tomatoes. Let’s talk about them too. If you don’t like tomatoes, it’s because you’ve never bit into a ripe juicy slice. I think the smell of vine ripe tomatoes might be the best smell in the world.

Also, we must discuss basil. I think the smell of basil might be the best smell in the world. (Sorry, I have a short attention span.) I’ve always wanted an herb garden; but, we simply don’t have the space – indoors or outdoors for one. So imagine my husbands surprise when I came home the other day with potted basil. It’s currently living on the kitchen table. Trust me on this, it’s $3 well spent.

I might have, accidentally on purpose, bought 15 lb of tomatoes and more than a few eats of corn on that same shopping trip.