Easy Veggie Patties

Let’s talk about food. Real food. You know the kind that hasn’t been so overly processed that it’s ingredients are no longer recognizable. The kind that has ingredients you can actually pronounce. The stuff that your great-great-grandparents may have actually eaten. Would it surprise you to know that we rarely eat processed foods? And, when […]

Cucumber Yogurt Dip (Mast-o-Khiar)

Cucumber Yogurt Dip or Persian Mast-O-Khiar – cool, creamy, and savory dip! Cucumber Yogurt Dip or as it is known in Persian cuisine – Mast O Khiar – is a staple food in our household. We love it and eat it as a dip with whole wheat crackers or toasted pita bread. Cucumber Yogurt Dip […]

Big Red Low-Sugar Chicken Wings

A spicy chicken wing appetizer that satisfies on the primal level – with a low-sugar dry rub providing intense flavor for one of everybody’s favorite finger foods!

Cheese Egg Roll

If you want to make a different dish for snacks, which is healthy as well as tasty, then you can try cheese egg roll. It is very easy to prepare. If you love the eggs, You going to love this dish

Manchego-Stuffed Shishito Poppers

We used shishito peppers in this recipe makeover of classic game-day jalapeño poppers. They’re typically mild, but 5 to 10 percent of them pack some heat, which makes eating them like a game of spicy roulette. Manchego is a sheep’s-milk cheese made in Spain that has a buttery texture. Look for it in your supermarket’s […]

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