Easy Creole Stuffed Peppers

A few years back there was a contest that needed to incorporate mustard into a game day dish. Hence, the Spicy Kickoff Shrimp Hoagie was invented. This recipe layers a lot of flavors and is super easy to make. It starts by using frozen breaded shrimp, that once cooked, are tossed in a homemade spicy […]

Ham And Egg White Baguette (Sandwich)

A simple ham and egg roll turned into something much more, a full meal in fact in one roll. Wrap it in cling wrap (Saran wrap) and take it with you. Just like “Subway” for a bodybuilder… Often you will find normal everyday snacks that can be turned into a bodybuilders full meal with a […]

Aussie Style Steak Sandwich

Traditional Australian BBQ food – the “steak sanga”. Easy and enjoyable, an often overlooked option in the bodybuilders low fat performance food diet. Now this is not an extremely low fat meal but it is quality fats that will help you grow. Red meat is beneficial like no other meat, get a lean cut like […]

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