Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup is a restaurant favorite, and so easy to make at home! Like any soup, the recipe is pretty flexible, depending on what is in the pantry. The recipe states tomato paste, but you could use canned tomatoes instead. You could substitute pinto beans for the kidney beans and black beans, or use […]

Southern-Style Ham Soup

This past week has been “sick week” at my house – not the flu, but a wearying upper respiratory virus that makes you feel bedraggled by mid-day. To top it off, the congestion was messing up my head functions, so I couldn’t taste or smell anything! Still, tired or not, we needed to eat something […]

Persian Chicken Soup with Barley

Sometimes you want your old familiar favorite soup and sometimes you want to try something new! This soup, Persian Chicken Soup with Barley, or Ash-e Joh in Farsi, is the Persian equivalent of chicken and noodle soup for Americans. It is a simple comfort food, something that would have been easy for the Persian cook […]

Meatless Minestrone

Minestrone is one of those amazing comfort foods that is nourishing to the soul as well as to the body. For me, coming home to a big pot of minestrone bubbling away on the stove, filling the house with home-cooked aroma, is like walking into an embrace. Soups are such an effective tool in eating […]

A Lotta Bit Delicious Spaghetti Squash Soup

Seriously, this soup is a lotta bit delicious. Hubby came home last night and asked what was for dinner. “Spaghetti Squash Soup and Dinner Rolls” came my reply. Hubby was a lotta bit not amused. He told me that telling a guy to eat spaghetti squash is like asking a girl to go to a […]

Tomato, Basil and Sweet Corn Soup

Let’s talk about sweet corn. I love it. Yellow corn. White corn. Bi-color corn. I don’t discriminate. And tomatoes. Let’s talk about them too. If you don’t like tomatoes, it’s because you’ve never bit into a ripe juicy slice. I think the smell of vine ripe tomatoes might be the best smell in the world. […]

Chicken and Rice Soup

Okay, so there we were sitting at the table last night and he’s telling me about shtoup (soup). No real recipe, just a very specific taste, consistency, and texture. I should have called Ema. That would have been the smart thing to do. I’m not that smart; and, I like a good challenge. So, after […]

Chicken Marsala Soup

This delicious, light soup delivers the classic flavors of Chicken Marsala in a bowl. The earthy combination of fresh mushrooms, green onion, and Marsala wine make for a winning combination that is light enough for warm summer day, yet rich enough for a cool fall evening. Thanks to the addition of pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, you […]

Cauliflower & Goat Cheese Soup

One of the great things about cauliflower is how well it takes on the flavors of other ingredients. In this case, the more pungent goat cheese adds an interesting and delicious dimension to the finished result. If you want more robust flavors, roast the cauliflower and onion before blending. The flavor will be more complex, […]

Chilled Potato and Leek Soup

Most consider vichyssoise to be a classic cold French soup although some believe it was invented in New York City at the Ritz Carlton. Regardless, this potato and leek soup remains a true classic with simply wonderful flavor. Easy to prepare with just a few ingredients, vichyssoise will change your mind about cold soups.

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