Olivieh – Persian Chicken, Egg, and Potato Salad

Now that summer is here, “cooking supper” has become “making supper.” It’s hot outside and I don’t want to make my house any warmer by heating up the kitchen. My menus on hot days are very likely to include some version of a cold protein-based salad, with some crunchy veggies added for texture and flavor. […]

Tuna Omlette

Tuna Omlette Conan style, meaning it is more of a tuna scrambled eggs as they are much faster and easier to make, especially when you are using the number of eggs that Conan eats. This is once again a quick and easy meal to prepare that contains easy to digest proteins. This meal takes less than 5 […]

Ham And Egg White Baguette (Sandwich)

A simple ham and egg roll turned into something much more, a full meal in fact in one roll. Wrap it in cling wrap (Saran wrap) and take it with you. Just like “Subway” for a bodybuilder… Often you will find normal everyday snacks that can be turned into a bodybuilders full meal with a […]

Spicy Chicken Breast With Rice

This recipe I made up on the spot as I did not want to take a break to cook, but I needed a full meal. This was the Thai influenced result… A chilli/garlic/pepper seasoned previously plain chicken breast. Easy to cook, hard to burn, and a full meal. The seasoning takes away the bland chicken […]

Boiled Garlic And Herb Chicken Thighs

Nothing could be more boring than boiled rice and boiled chicken now could it? Well that all depends upon how you cook it. One Thai friend of mine is over in a flash everytime I invite her for lunch with this recipe… In fact this was my favourite recipe for over six months mainly due […]

Chicken Breast Curry

Having been to India twice for film shoots, and worked extensively on the Hindi film with a 1st class Indian Chef I also have some first hand experience with real Indian foods. Unfortunately little of this translates to this recipe. This recipe is a simple curry following the traditional curry we would make in Australia. […]

Aussie Style Steak Sandwich

Traditional Australian BBQ food – the “steak sanga”. Easy and enjoyable, an often overlooked option in the bodybuilders low fat performance food diet. Now this is not an extremely low fat meal but it is quality fats that will help you grow. Red meat is beneficial like no other meat, get a lean cut like […]

Gwideow Moo Gap Kai – Pork And Egg Noodles

Another Thai recipe adapted by Conan for bodybuilders. This is a very simple, very fast meal that I eat often. It has the full requirements of a bodybuilding meal yet takes only minutes to cook this tasty treat… Grab some pork flavored packet noodles from your local Asian store, or supermarket. If you don’t eat […]

Egg Whites In Fruit Salad

The perfect after workout meal – more vitamins and minerals than you can poke a stick at, more RAW food than a Vegan will eat in a day and enough ‘A’ grade protein to build those muscles, better than the latest wonder supplement – it’s easy to digest real fresh food… Fresh fruit and egg […]

Fried Rice With Pork (Or Chicken)

Fried rice with pork called Khao Pat Moo in the Thai language, or Khao Pat Gai for Chicken fried rice. In a most annoying stereotype almost every Thai restaurant will assume you, being a foreigner, will only eat Fried Rice and will tell you your order is Khao Pat xxx. Very annoying when you want […]

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