Eggplant Kuku

Among the many gifts my husband gave me when we were first married was a stack of 20 cookbooks. All were from different cuisines: Afghani, Persian, Moroccan, Turkish, Caribbean, Japanese, Chinese, South American, Cajun, Somali… well, you get the picture. I’m still trying to figure out what the take-away message is. He claims I’m the […]

Persian Chicken Soup with Barley

Sometimes you want your old familiar favorite soup and sometimes you want to try something new! This soup, Persian Chicken Soup with Barley, or Ash-e Joh in Farsi, is the Persian equivalent of chicken and noodle soup for Americans. It is a simple comfort food, something that would have been easy for the Persian cook […]

Persian Fresh Herb Stew – Gormeh Sabzi

As we continue to explore international foods that are good for diabetic eating, I am happy to share one of my family’s favorite foods. Persian Fresh Herb Stew, called Gormeh Sabzi (pronounced gor-mae sab-zee), is one of the standout dishes of Persian food culture. When my family comes in the house and smells the aroma […]

Olivieh – Persian Chicken, Egg, and Potato Salad

Now that summer is here, “cooking supper” has become “making supper.” It’s hot outside and I don’t want to make my house any warmer by heating up the kitchen. My menus on hot days are very likely to include some version of a cold protein-based salad, with some crunchy veggies added for texture and flavor. […]

Persian Jujeh Kabob – Grilled Chicken Kabob

Grilled Chicken Kabob – called Jujeh Kabob in Persian cuisine – is perfect for Type 2 diabetics, low in fat and full of flavor. Such a versatile protein, it can be served with rice, or as part of a sandwich or salad. Jujeh Kabob is a typical entree of a Persian family meal. The platter […]

Cucumber Yogurt Dip (Mast-o-Khiar)

Cucumber Yogurt Dip or Persian Mast-O-Khiar – cool, creamy, and savory dip! Cucumber Yogurt Dip or as it is known in Persian cuisine – Mast O Khiar – is a staple food in our household. We love it and eat it as a dip with whole wheat crackers or toasted pita bread. Cucumber Yogurt Dip […]

Persian Pistachio Ice Cream – Low Sugar Version

Wrapping up my series on Persian food for Type 2 diabetics, will be a recipe for Persian ice cream. Persian Pistachio Ice Cream – or Bastani as it is called in Farsi – is always the same combination of flavors. Vanilla ice cream, pistachios, rosewater flavoring, a subtle hint of saffron, and then bits of […]

Persian Celery Stew

Persian Celery Stew is a fairly quick stew of beef stew meat or mixed chicken breast and thighs, along with turmeric, onion, and LOTS of celery. It is brothy and delicious. It is one of the easier of the Persian dishes, and uses familiar ingredients and a straightforward braising method. Persian Celery Stew is my […]

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