Berner Rösti

Rösti,  is originally a farmers’ breakfast from the German-speaking  part of Switzerland which could be described as a mix between hash browns and a potato pancake. It can be used as main dish topped with an egg or as side dish alongside a steak or other red meat. Each swiss region has its own version, […]

Ghackets und Hörnli – one of THE classics in Switzerland

Ghackets and Hörnli are a real Swiss classic. The simple recipe with minced beef and homemade apple sauce is quickly prepared.

Züri-Gschnätzlets – veal in mushroom and cream sauce

veal in mushroom and cream sauce Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, a classical Swiss Dish

Papet vaudois – Leek, potatoes and sausage in harmony.

One of my favorite traditional swiss dishes is Papet Vaudois , which comes from Lake Geneva Region, the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. Papet means as much as mash – for traditionally, this delicious hotpot made from leek and potatoes has to be cooked long enough to create a thickened base upon which the fat […]

Pork Tenderloin in puff pastry

A recipe from my mother, do not scare, really anyone can cook !!!!!!!! I’ll explain the recipe to you step by step and tell you the little tricks to make it happen.

Homemade Spätzli

It takes a bit of patience, but the result makes up for the effort: Homemade Spätzli are a culinary and eye candy.

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