Family Fusion Potato Salad

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Being an offspring of a Swiss mother and a German father comes with its benefits and challenges. At Christmas time, on December 24th to be exact, having parents from different countries was rather a challenge.

December 24th – the day of the potato salad battle, like I used to call it, or Holy Night, like others call it. During Holy Night we followed a classic Swiss tradition to have Härdöpfel salat und Schüfeli (Potato salad and ham) for dinner.

While the tradition was nice, the yearly dispute on how to prepare the Potato Salad eg. “Swiss way” or “German Way” became also a tradition. Main points of the dispute were if eggs should be added, why to add Tomatoes, is adding radish ethically correct and if bacon is really needed etc etc. The dispute ended that either my mom or my mad made the salad, with a result that either one of them was not happy.

A solution had to be found for that misery and to really keep a nice Christmas evening mood. Eureka, after 10 years my mom and dad (after a serious brainstorming session and negotiations) came up with their own recipe of Potato Salad, taking in consideration each ones personal taste. Christmas was saved!

Honestly, my parents´ potato salad became one of my favorite dishes. So far it seems my Costa Rican family loves it too.

A word of advice: The Pickled Gherkins and their juice take a central role in the flavoring of the Salad, since there is no Migros in Cost Rica, I use Kühne Gewürzgurken – (Kühne Pickled Gherkins). Believe me, there is a big difference between US, Costa Rican and German pickled Gherkins


Step by step method

  • Prepare the Potatos

    Wash the potatoes, peal them and cook them for 30-40 minutes until they are soft. Cut the Potatoes in slices of 5mm. Put the Potato Slices in one or two Bowls, keep enough space left for the rest of the ingredients and to mix all. -- Put the the beef broth in the bowl with the potato, mix one time.

  • Chop the ingredients

    Remove the Seeds from the Tomatoes and cut them in cubes Cut the Onions Cut the bacon in strips Cut the Parsley

  • Prepare the ingredients

    Roast the bacon stripes in a pan, add the onions and roast the onions until they are nicely golden

  • Sauce

    Mix the mayonnaise with the mustard and the juice of the pickled gherkins. Add pepper.

  • Mix the ingredients / Finish

    Add the roasted bacon and onions on to top of the Potatoes, add also the Tomatoes and Parsley. Mix one or two times softely Add the Sauce and mix. Put some Parsley to decorte

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Head Chef

I am an amateur chef and expat. Thank to my work i had the opportunity to travel a lot an work in different countries. Born in Switzerland, son of a German and living in Costa Rica. My biggest cooking Idol is my Grandma and my mom who though me to cook when i was a Teenager.

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