When you have a craving for homemade cookies, it is SO NICE to have a tried and true no-sugar cookie recipe you can turn to. There is something so satisfying about homemade cookies – the way they warm up the house, the incredible aroma of vanilla and baked goods, and having a special treat that makes you feel a little cozier inside.

This recipe starts with Splenda.com’s recipe for No-Sugar Sugar Cookies, with a few modifications, and an enticing and zesty twist. The cookie dough is shaped into balls and then dipped in a Chai Spice mixture before baking.

The alluring aromas of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and allspice change the flavor from ordinary sugar cookies into something really special.

These are incredible with tea or coffee – and you won’t miss the sugar in this sweet and spicy recipe! The Chai Spice Low-Sugar Cookies recipe makes 48 cookies, each with 60 calories, 7g carbohydrates, and 1g sugar.