How Do You Get Vegetarian Protein?

When I first dabbled in the world of vegetarianism I was concerned with getting enough vegetarian protein (mainly because that’s what everyone else always told me I should be concerned with and they always asked me about it.) I quickly learned that lots of foods have protein in them that I never knew before! Like

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Olive Oil, an Ancient Gift for Health

Once upon a time, in man’s very early history, a dove was sent out on a mission: to find evidence of safe ground. Unwilling to land on garbage and toxin, the picky bird came back. When sent out again after a week, the dove returned bearing in its beak a part of its plant of

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Do’s and Dont’s for Healthier Cooking

We can’t afford to take chances when it comes to our family’s health and well-being.  With the options all around us, there are things we certainly have control over.  The stakes are high.  It involves extended or shortened lives for us and for those we love.   Pretty high stakes.  And don’t forget.  It’s not just

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Herbs in Mexican Cuisine?

A myriad of spices. That’s what makes for a distinctively Mexican Cuisine. Many, or even most of Mexican recipes would be unthinkable without them. Foremost and indispensable of all are the chili peppers, historically indigenous to the area. They are among the most ancient of Mexican spices, antedating the arrival of the Portuguese and Spaniards

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In Defense of Potatoes

How did potatoes get such a bad rep? How is it that so many people don’t consider potatoes to be a ‘real’ vegetable? Is it because once upon a time, someone spread a rumor that they aren’t healthy? Really? I’m not okay with that. Check your facts. Potatoes are a pretty healthy vegetable. Don’t believe

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