One of the keys to successfully adjusting a recipe for Type 2 Diabetes is to increase the proportion of vegetables. By adding more vegetables, and choosing veggies whose flavor will enhance the dish, you make it more filling and more nutritious. The texture of the added veggies is important too – a soft dish like egg salad benefits from the crunch added by the radishes and makes it more interesting.

This is a zesty version of egg salad, that gets some extra zing from thinly sliced radishes and green onions. It’s great with whole wheat toast or crackers, and has good eye appeal when you put it in a pretty glass bowl. If you like, hold back one whole radish to make a radish rose for garnish. Here’s how.

Egg salad can become watery or runny the second day, due to the salt in the mixture pulling out moisture from the vegetables that add flavor and texture, like onions, radishes, pickles, celery, etc.  It is best eaten the day it is made, but does benefit from one hour sitting in the refrigerator after it is combined for the flavors to mingle. If your egg salad lasts to a second serving, you can use a slotted spoon to transfer it to another bowl and leave the excess liquid behind.