Fondue Moitié-Moitié

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  • 4-6Servings
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Fondue originally originated from French-speaking Switzerland, Savoy and Piedmont.

Here, according to folklore, warring troops from Zurich and other cantons of Switzerland are supposed to have reconciled with milk and bread, made in a shared pot. This historical context emphasizes the social aspect and fundamental idea of fondue despite sounding somewhat unreal.

Today, eating fondue with family and friends is a common event, especially during the winter.

The traditional cheese fondue does not actually have a very special recipe. Yet, it goes without saying that the cheese itself is the main attraction.

The alpha and omega in this case is the high quality of the cheese, which is essentially what gives it its superb flavor.
A high level of ripeness should be present in the chosen cheese. The ideal cheese is hard to semi-hard with a fat level of about 45%.

The Fondue ” Moitié-Moitié ” is a cheese fondue made out of Vacherin cheese and Gruyère cheese, mixed in a 50/50 (half-half) mixture. The Gruyère is a harder cheese, while the Vacherin is a softer creamier cheese. As they blend together, it makes a very nice, smooth, unique consistency.

In a perfect cheese fondue, the fondue mixture is held at a temperature low enough to prevent burning, but hot enough to keep the fondue smooth and liquid. Ideally, when the fondue is finished, there will be a thin crust of toasted (but not burnt) cheese in the bottom of the caquelon.

When preparing the cheese fondue, constant stirring is absolutely necessary so that the mixture does not build.

The cheese can clump even under the guidance of an expert fondue chef. How come? One reason for this could be a lack of acid in the cheese. They must melt for him. A dab of lemon or sour white wine will rapidly solve this problem.

Of course, every delicious dinner also contains proper drinks, no question. To promote digestion here, herbal or black tea are extremely good for fondue. A glass of wine or kirsch is also suitable, however carbonated drinks are not suitable.


Step by step method

  • Rub the fondue pot with the clove of garlic.

  • Mix the Gruyère cheese and the cornflour, add the white wine and lemon juice, then bring to the boil whilst stirring continuously.

  • Reduce the heat, add the Vacherin Fribourgeois cheese and mix well until it melts.

  • Pour in the kirsch and season with the pepper.

  • The fondue must not be cooked too much, but simply kept warm on the burner.

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